Building Full Stack Serverless GraphQL Apps on AWS AppSync

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Are you interested in learning how to use AWS's new managed GraphQL service in production? This course is for you! Learn how you can take advantage of AWS AppSync to rapidly build APIs that scale!

In this course you will learn the best way to build and deploy a production grade app that uses a GraphQL API built on AppSync. In the process, you will be guided through best practices for building your API using AWS's integrated services for data storage, authentication and receiving real time updates.

In the first part you'll learn the basics of GraphQL and AWS's AppSync service. You will then build your own serverless API using DynamoDB to persist data and then move on to deploying the front end application that consumes this API behind AWS S3 & API Gateway. Finally you will be shown how to subscribe to realtime over websockets.

The second part is focused on developing real world architectures on AppSync. You will learn how to build APIs that integrate with any datastore (SQL, Elasticsearch, S3 etc) or third party API. Next you will learn how to secure your API using AWS Cognito for user authorization and fine grained access control. Finally you'll be shown how to automate deployment of your service as a fully serverless infrastructure hosted on AWS.

Learn how to:

  • Develop serverless GraphQL APIs lightning fast using AWS AppSync
  • Deploy a serverless front end to AWS S3 & API Gateway
  • Receive realtime updates from your serverless API over websockets
  • Persist data from your API to a range of datastores (DynamoDB, RDS, Elasticsearch)
  • Add authentication and authorization to your API using AWS Cognito
  • Deploy using AWS SAM & Cloudformation


  • Basic programming knowledge

Recommended audience

  • Fullstack developers
  • Front end developers who want to learn how to build their own backends
  • Backend developers wanting to learn how to build APIs quicker

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