Introduction to Serverless on AWS Lambda

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This training course is the distillation of the knowledge I've gained from helping companies run serverless infrastructures over the last two years. It's designed to give engineers the skills to build and run production grade serverless systems.

The workshop is designed for those beginning serverless. It is hands on, practical focused. Partipants are guided through the process of building and deploying a serverless API backed by a multi-region database using DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, API Gateway and Route53.

Learn how to:

  • Build a simple Serverless REST API
  • Deploy to AWS Lambda & API Gateway using AWS Cloudformation and Simple Application Model (SAM)
  • Add persistence with multi-region serverless databases
  • Architect event driven systems
  • Log & monitor serverless applications
  • Troubleshoot real life production serverless problems
  • Create a Serverless Data Pipeline
  • Setting up a CI/CD pipeline to deploy your serverless application


  • Basic programming knowledge

Recommended audience

  • Developers beginning serverless
  • Developers with some knowledge of serverless who want to learn best practices for production grade serverless applications

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